Have you ever felt like you could be working more productively? Is there part of your freelance business that you wish just went away?

I've been there. And I've done something about it.

From a toiling newbie freelancer earning the same as my previous full-time job but working more hours to a freelancer working 3.5 days and earning 3x more than my previous (good) salary, you too can learn how to introduce autonomy and freedom to your freelance career.

In this book, I share my (freelance) life's work.

Become an autonomous freelancer
"If you want to take your freelance career to the next level, do yourself a favor and read this book."
Amna Aslam (@amnaaslam20)

Freelance Content Writer

"Excellent tips on how to confidently articulate how you work best to clients without feeling guilty."
Christina Pashialis (@christina_p)

Freelance Webinar Producer

"This book is so valuable. I call it my freelance bible."
Sandra Tabansi (@sandratabansi)

Freelance Content Writer & Strategist

Buy this book if you are

  • Wanting to work a more flexible schedule

  • Struggling to build a pipeline of customers

  • Finding it hard to lock down a niche

  • Wanting to work less hours without losing income

  • Ready to become a full-time freelancer

  • Spending too much time sending cold emails to

Chapters include

  • Dispelling freelance myths

  • Setting yourself up for freelance autonomy

  • How to make work come to you

  • How to find your niche in a noisy online world

  • How to price work with autonomy in mind

  • How to put getting paid on autopilot

Use this book as your how-to guide if you're already a freelancer or thinking about becoming a freelancer for the first time.

There's no time like the present to get your processes and work-life balance in order.

I wrote this book in my "spare" time after getting ahead of my workload by three months and earning over $200,000 three years in a row. But it's not all about the money (though it's very nice). I did this all in my own time, on my own terms, and while commanding my own rate.

I work on the beach. I work in cafes. I work from 7.30 - 9.30 some days. I do what I thoroughly enjoy and get well-compensated for it.

I hope you achieve the same too.

Dominic Kent

I love the added option of purchase parity. Shows how much Dom cares about this community!

SHAVY JAIN, Freelance Copywriter

Essential reading for freelancers.

TIM BANTING, Digital Workplace Practice Leader

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m just starting out - will this book help me too?

Yes! This book will help you from wandering down the incorrect paths newbie freelancers happen upon.

I already earn six figures - will this book help me too?

There’s always more, right? You could learn habits and processes that free up time for more clients. Or discover new (better) ways to bill so you earn more while working less.

I’m not a marketer - is this book relevant?

My first-hand examples are from the viewpoint of a marketer and writer. But a lot of the theory can be applied to developers, graphic designers, artists, almost anyone.

Do you support purchasing power parity?

Yes. You can download the eBook version from Gumroad. I used Gumroad to ensure I could offer dynamic discounts proportional to local currency and cost of living.

Is there a Kindle version?

Yes. Download it here.

Is there a PDF version?

Yes. Download it here.

Can I buy the book in the UK?

Yes. Get it on Amazon.co.uk

Can I buy the book in India?

Yes. Get it on Amazon.in